Osprey Attack

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Author Sniper
Date of release v4 - December 25, 2011 (SC 4.6)
v3 - December 23, 2003 (SC 3.0)
v2 - December 21, 2001 (SC 2.0B)
v1 - September 16, 2000 (SC 1.9)
.bsp filename osprey



  • Destroy the Osprey Helicopter.


  • There are explosive crates on the observation deck. Be careful around this area!
  • If the grunts are overwhelming you and your teammates, push the "WARNING" button under the observation deck. It will spawn a Gonarch and should even the playing field.
  • 4 MP5 Grenades are available in the freezer. You will need to run quickly in and out though, or you will die from the cold.
  • There is an UZI in the red crates outside. Find a way into the crates to get the weapon.

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