Osprey Arena

Osprey Arena

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Author ian502
Date of release Beta - 2010
.bsp filename sc_arena


Hi, this is my first map uploaded on SCmapDB.com i hope you enjoy.

MOTD ----—(do not included)

You were called to take down the osprey, choose your weapons.
You can choose between 4 tipe of classes with theru weapons

Medic : it´s the brain of the team, he can heal you.
Weapons : Desert Eagle, 9mm handgun, Med Kit, Crowbar.

Soldier : It´s the faster of the team, he can use his fast weapons
to defend the team.
Weapons : 9mm handgun, Mp5. crowbar, 357 magnum.

Explosives : He is very though, he can blow a super wall with his weapons.
Weapons : Crowbar, Rpg, Satchel charge, handgrenades.

Heavy weapons : He has a lot of weapons, it´s the heavyer of the team.
Weapons : Crobar, Assault rifle, Machinegun, 9mm ar, 357 magnum, Desert Eagle.

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