Op4 Two (Path To Greatness)

Op4 Two (Path To Greatness)

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Author Halfliferyan
Date of release Final - 2005
.bsp filename op4two1, op4two2


Path To Greatness
Made by Halfliferyan

Recommended for 2-10 players.

You play as Shepard, he has joined the Combine and is now a elite Level-6 Combine Soldier. You must rescue Breen from Gordon in the Citadel. Hurry, before it's to late!

Note: On the Citadel panic chapter, there is going to be some waiting between battles. Don't think the map is stuck, give it 30 secs to a min or longer, but it will load.

Path To Greatness
Made by Halfliferyan

Recommended for 2-10 players.

You are now in Breen's office. Locate him and kill him. He means nothing to us anymore. Good luck! If you do well, you'll get his job!

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Map series by Halfliferyan



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