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Author Devile
Date of release Final - 26 March, 2007
.bsp filename ONE


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Hey, first map after a few years break of mapping, so I guess it's a recovery map ^^
Nothing too special, just a bit of fun and killing - Like cheap version of Garghunt3 XD It was just supposed to be a map for some friends to play but I'll share it anyways, screen shots in game didn't wanna work so here's some from the editor, and one I took in a really early version of it when it still had ally grunts at starting point! I had alot of weird errors while creating it with decals and stuff so you'll probably notice some missing, like blood, cracks in walls and explosion marks around the place but you get the point. I tried to add alot of little spots to go to as well. (Plus there's the egon weapon somewhere in the map if you can find it)

Not much of one in here I'm afraid, just an area to find spots to kill. Guess it's just you're the only one ally grunt left to fight the rest off. There's no end to this map, but the Gargantua will only spawn 10 times - that's kinda the end.

Work Time
A few days, maybe less.

I'm gonna start another map straight away, it'll take alot longer… gonna be a walkthrough map with much more detail :]

Enjoy and comments appreciated!

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