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Author Turrican
Date of release Final - March 22, 2003
.bsp filename omg


Welcome to OMG. A place with no meaning, no time, no decent architecture or lighting, and no monsters. This is a map for people who want to relax or have fun. If you're a fan of pissing about then this is a map for you. If you're not a fan of that, then why the hell are you here?

The premise of this map is just to mess around and kill yourself. There's an entire course to take to get to the top of the map. You can race each other if you want, or go alone. If you don't want to take the course you can stay at the bottom and play with the different ways of killing yourself, or take the high dive from the top of the map, after a painfully slow elevator ride to the top.

Additional info

  • A web page for the map can be found at
  • Ranked #44 in the CreepsWorld Top 50 maps list.
  • Included in the CreepsWorld Map Pack.
  • More was planned for the map, but couldn't be added due to a hard drive crash.
  • Followed by OMG 2, which implements many of the ideas that were planned for OMG.
  • A Source version of OMG was in the works but seems to have been abandoned. It's work-in-progress thread is at

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