Official Park

Official Park

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Author enuze
Date of release Final - 2010.9.3
ver.1 - 2009.12.1
.bsp filename official_park


This is a level selection map that lets you play one of the official maps.

Additional info

Official Park:

Welcome to Official Park. This maps level selection map.

How to play:

  1. You need throw the crowbar. If you are not bind key "throw crowbar", open your sven co-op Options -> Keyboard and bind key "Tertiary Attack (throw crowbar)" or open your Console and bind "bind <any key> +alt1"
    example: bind h +alt1
  2. Use throw crowbar and killed by scientist.
  3. OK.You are select any maps and break the metal wall.
  4. Enter the official maps.Have fun!

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hl 2010-06-16 12-37-37-25.jpg

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