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Author Yaxez
Date of release 26 January 2005
.bsp filename oblivious


This is a single player map - If played with more then one player the triggers
may not work properly - NOTE: Don´t kill any allies that you have, the map may
not work properly if you do this


1. Destroy the generator to disable the security lockdown

2. Sector D is being invaded by aliens, get down there and help your allies

3. Destroy the generator down in sector D

4. Get back to the base and fight off the enemy military

5. Destroy the generator in sector C-LF 1

6. Figure out the secret code, there are four numbers spread out over the map. Find
all of them and put them together. Then why not have a cool refreshing bevrage…?

Some hints were the numbers are hidden, one is in the generator room, one is in sector D
One is at the start, and one is at the end. now remember, they arent just numbers on the
one of the four numbers is ALIVE!

If you get tired of trying just send me a message and i will tell you the code

Additional info

Additional Textures: siffers.wad

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