NicKnot City

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Author NicKnot
Date of release January 4, 2011
.bsp filename NicKnot_City


Are in an old city and a bit mysterious, with many dangers, to leave the entire city is out of the theater, eliminating the various zombies, monsters etc. And find and select 6 hidden switches, once already, 2 big enemies appear:
JovTarta: Rather, the player JovTarkTet (I think that was his nickname). This version is an alien, giant, fast and ferocious.
NicKnot Evil: The evil twin Nicknot COURSE .. is very fast, and very fast attacks.
When finished, the city will be with those 2 the map and open ended.
Map Type: Frag, a bit of terror and action.

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Zorak and I thank you for helping me GForce on this map.
It's the first thing I do

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