New Hope's Last Stand

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Author Hezus
Date of release Final - December 24, 2008 (SC 4.0B)
v1 - June 28, 2005
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The year is 4052, Earth was blown out ages ago. A fatal meteor crash started a nuclear winter, which wiped out most of the human race. The survivers were forced to find a new planet suitable for living. Thanks to Wormhole-Technology the survivors found a Earth-like Planet : New Hope. New Hope looked like a new future for the human race, untill the first attacks started. A unknown alien race, named Argressians, attacked the new founded city's. There was no defense at all. Again forced, the humans picked up their weapon production and fought back, but the Agressians outnumbered the humans with their waygates.

The humans have founded a team of Elite Fighters able to find the source of the waygates and shut them down forever.

You are one of those Elite Fighters.

Objectives :

  • Report to the HQ.
  • Fight your way trough the complex.
  • Shut down the Waygates.
  • Find a Energy Crystal for the Teleporter.
  • Defend the Base.

Additional info

  • It's an official map in Sven Co-op 4.0B.
  • Originally intended to be a single horde map, New Hope's Last Stand is now comprised of 3 walkthrough maps (with horde elements) and a horde map at the end.
  • 4-8 players recommended, but it's possible to play alone.
  • It received BOMS status on the Sven Co-op forums.
  • New Hope's Last Stand took 2 years to make.

Additional credits

All beta testers - (testing)
Mighty Pete - (skybox)
Hellbaron - (prefabs)
KelpFarm - (prefabs)
WhiteBlaizer - (textures)



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