Nagafens Lair





Nagafens Lair

Author Sword666
Date of release Final - September 2021
.bsp filename eqclassic


A treacherous network of caves is located deep within the Lavastorm Mountains; Inside these caves a clan of aggressive kobolds, a host of sonic bats, beetles, and spiders.

Hidden lava tubes host the fire imps and elementals, as well as the Efreeti Lord Djarn.

In the deepest part is the castle of fire giants; warriors and wizards loyal to Nagafen led by shadow knight King Tranix; Warlord Skarlon; and Magus Rokyl.

The fire giants are the guardians of the fire dragon, Lord Nagafen, whose open lair is situated in the deepest point of the caverns.

The FIREGIANTs and BATS will not hurt you… but the kobolds, guano harvester, and dragon … will eat you alive!

There IS active lava, do not step in it until you get your Boots.

.. and King Tranix has a surprise as well.

See if you can find the Efreeti Lord and get a pair of boots to protect you …

Additional info

PLAYER MODELS are included in model/player folders for Monk/Paladin/Warrior and I'm working on more!

Inspired by Nagafen's Lair (soldungb), Everquest 1999 as my first major map project!

Visit my GitHub to see my projects as I make more EQ Classic maps!

eqdungeon.wad and all models and sounds included!

Additional credits


Master Sword Continued bigtroll/green_dragon models:
Dogg / Evaan / evil_squirrel

EQ classic textures / .obj source:
989 Studios + Brad McQuaid RIP2019 Aradune

gorilla model -> Kobold

They Hunger Sven Co-op headcrab base:
Commando/ Mad Jonesy/ JPolito / Silencer/ Norman Roger/ Der Graue Fuchs / KernCore

Shadow warrior Sven Co-op Remake Weapons Lt-jc / Garompa

Kukri - Insurgency mod - Norman The Loli Pirate, D.N.I.O. 071, R4to0, D.G.F. / KernCore

Gladius - Kerard []

testing to date OCT 2021:
Cryokeen and my brother Brinkov and Roseviniam


N/A - Final Version - until I remake again!


- map vote change at end may not work
- never made elementals but maybe next version! got the assets now
- couldnt figure out how to make fire giants cause damage at this point, tried damage entities that triggered but didnt understand how to refine.. yet


2021 walkthrough

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