Mystic Radar

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Mystic Radar

Author RNG
Date of release v1 - March 13, 2010
.bsp filename mystic_radar_v1


Mystic Radar: Ascension in Ultra Ferment

Version 1

Deception Island, Antarctica

You are couple of engineers of Ice measurement station on south of the island, also being hardcore explorers of large amount of abandoned buildings and villages there. once at night you discovered some abandoned station with large radar antennae. The station was inaccessible though you had flashlights.

At cold and misty daytime your team decided to try explore it again and managed to enter through rusty door to some garage room. But suddenly even the flashlights started to darken up at sight and everyone lose their consciousness. Later you wake up and notice the door is gone, soon realized than its different room somewhere deep inside the station with some rusty bed and shelves, also your flashlights are gone somehow. All limbs seems like burning and movement is noticeably hard but your group stands up and has a mystery to solve in largely icemelt water and mold absorbed place.

Additional info

  • Won 4th place in the Sven Co-op Mapping Contest.
  • Included in the Sven Co-op Contest Map Pack.
  • This map is first made with notably limited time, shorter than on other contest maps mostly
  • Uses random events and largely atmosphere changing detailtextures so the map has to be played with r_detailtextures 1 then.
  • Requires 2 players, recommended to play with 2-4
  • The v1 release version is abit bright

Additional credits

Betatest: Poka, Royal-soldier, StreamFox, Scotsman, Ixa, Kookos, cSMG




2010 contest co-oprequired difficulty:medium horror puzzle scary size:medium walkthrough

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