Sv Mountain

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Author SV BOY
Date of release Final - September 16, 2017
.bsp filename sv-mountain


This is my first map that i post (The firstest is was cringe you can find it in server where i play)

There are maybe a lot of bugs on the map. Is it because this is my first map?


Main Objective:

  • Find a teleport to xen and find crystal

Bonus Objective:

  • Find code to open a house with bonuses

Secret Objective:

  • Find a secret joke area

Theres hidden secret


Some research laboratory in a bowels of the mountain BLA BLA BLA…
There are evil aliens BLA BLA BLA…
At the peak of the mountain is the portal BLA BLA BLA…
Toilet on the mountain BLA BLA BLA…


  • Miles
  • All players of "Чебупель" server

Additional credits:

  • CryoKeen
  • Powell\harvester (for beta-test on server)
  • And thanks to you, for deciding to play on my first map! :3

This is my first map that i post (The firstest is was cringe, you can find it on server where i play)


  • Fixed MOTD
  • Fixec a game text password

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