Mom-Slipper 2018 Large

Mom-Slipper 2018 Large

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Authors: Dr.Hunter , X-RaY* Mappers: Dr.Hunter , X-RaY
**Date of release Final - May 04, 2018
bsp file name: momslipper_2018



Greetings! after a long time we have decided making a new map.
This map made for Turkish and the logos in the map are our steam group; Don't forget to join.

About Map: It's a kinda knife map the aim of map is pushing your enemy to lava with slipper.

-Enjoy ^^

Steam Group:

Additional credits

Dr.Hunter Resources - Scripts
X-RaY Map Fixed


0.5: Map maked and maked momslipper weapon
0.9: Some stuff fixed in map
1.0: Fixed All

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