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Author Turrican
Date of release Unfinished Beta/Posted Here Aug 30, 2016
.bsp filename miseryb6

I believe this map was made when Turrican was experiencing some misery. Hence the name.

WARNING: Unfortuntely this map seems to crash for me on load in 4.8 and 5.0, maybe Turrican could fix it or someone else could run it and we could pinpoint whats causing the crash and we could ripent it out.

Title : Misery
Game : Half-Life SvenCoop
Author : Turrican
AIM : Furrican
Web Address : http://turrican.decksix.com
Description : PISS IN MOUTH


New textures by slidje and me
Thanks to Slidje, Kain-Wolf, Keen, BurnOut64(Xirex) for helping with the map

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