Metal Bar

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Author Robootto, RNG
Date of release Final - August 28, 2006
.bsp filename metal_bar


2 different kinds of metal bars, one bar made by Robootto and the other created by Rngatdzs(malignant defication). Bar maps are split together in one map. Contains 1 custom sound, 5 songs and custom textures. Basically just a "fun map" (good with amx tag plugin). There are no enemies in this map, except killable scientists at the end.

Additional info

  • 5-32 players recommended.
  • Try to find secret places!
  • Other bar is located in a secret place
  • Click radio or stereos to play songs
  • Note: songs at Rngatdzs's bar have a large amount of bass due to poor conversion methods of those song clips

Additional credits

Ixa - (testing)
Nikoz - (testing)



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