Memento City I

Memento City I

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Author OxiB00ST!
Date of release v1 - December 10, 2009
.bsp filename mementocity


You and your buddies used to live in Memento City until a plague struck the city. Most of the citizens has been turned into zombies, and you're in a big problem. 2 minutes ago, the radio broadcast announced that a helicopter will arrive to rescue the remaining survivors of the catastrophe. This helicopter will supposedly land on Petreo Yard, an open field made from stone and bricks. After the message, the radio turns off and everyone stays silent.

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Additional credits

  • PainmakeR - Testing and "Full Bug Scan" as he calls it.
  • RacingClubTeAmo - Testing
  • Cry_Wolf - Testing
  • Frenchox - Testing
  • Ralks - Testing



There are over 1114 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


5 / 5

2006 walkthrough


4 / 5

2013 difficulty:easy walkthrough


0 / 5

2007 co-oprequired difficulty:hard escape needs-pics walkthrough


0 / 5

2006 fun needs-dl


3.7 / 5

2005 difficulty:hard official official-screlease project_g series size:large walkthrough

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