Mechwarrior Assault

Mechwarrior Assault

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Author Morgan
Date of release Final - October 3, 2003
.bsp filename mechwarrior


Life is peaceful. You are soldiers patrolling an outpost on the far reaches of your countries empire. Some of you have never even seen combat before. It is more routine than ready. But prepare, because its coming at you HARD.

Additional info

The Mechwarrior can be destroyed, you simply have to hammer him a bit. It may seem hard but I made this map with 3 - 4 people in mind. Firing different parts will blow off different guns. Eg. Blow off his right arm he loses all the weapons in his right arm. Use your brain, and work out where you should be placing your shots.

The mission is complete when you have destroyed every bit of the Mechwarrior.


Additional credits

Timberwolf Prefab made by Woof UK and downloaded from

Rocket Prefab by Lord Dakushna
MachineGun Prefab by Yak_Fighter
Laser Prefab by Death Hag

I did modify the Prefabs a little to suit my needs

A lot of prefabs I know. But I had this great idea, and I needed the extra help to make it real =)



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