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Author crash
Date of release v2 - February 15, 2000
.bsp filename mastamike


You fight human grunts and aliens in the storage area. There is a teleport inside the pop machine, so break it and hop in to be taken to a small Xen area. In the computer room on the left machine with 3 panels on it, you can use each panel to view parts of the map from a camera's point of view. There are also 4 secret rooms which contain extra weapons, you can access these by finding the secret buttons and the doors will open for a certain amount of time.

Additional info

  • 2-5 players recommended.

Additional credits

Valve Software : For making a KICK ASS game
Sven Coop Team : For making a great MOD
Lord Dakushna : For his toilet and clock prefab
The guys at ERC forum : For answering my questions



There are over 987 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2009 boss snow


2012 conversion fun horde size:small


adventure boss fun series size:medium walkthrough


2016 creative difficulty:easy fun size:small suggestion walkthrough


2012 boss conversion counter-strike rescue size:medium walkthrough

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