Mario Land Escape Series

Mario Land Escape Series

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Not to be confused with the Marioland series from 2003, by Tinman.

Author Magnum YouTube
Date of release v0.1 - January 31, 2018
.bsp filename marioland1,2,3


You have teleported to marioland by a portal which opened in your room. You now need to escape those lands. You encounter some (maybe hard) traps. However, this maps have many meme including some swearing but don't judge for it because it is made for fun.

Additional info

  • Map is in progress of editing still. Some updates will be released.
  • Map size: part 1 medium, part 2 and 3 small.

Additional credits

  • Music: Several youtubers musical videos
  • Sounds: Several youtubers videos.



  • Fixed the trigger_hurt doesn't hurting players.
  • Fixed players getting stuck inside ground when start.
  • Increased max viewable distance to 13248 from 7094
  • Removed entities which had no key values and didn't work properly.
  • Increased func_breakable's and it's trigger_once size a little bit.
  • Fixed fade being held for 100 seconds.
  • Fixed func_breakable is glass rather than rocks.
  • Fixed unobtainable crossbow inside trigger_hurt.
  • Added correct .res file to all series (hopefully).

There are over 1113 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


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2012 co-oprequired fun horde scary skills


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2002 walkthrough


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2017 conversion fun pvp

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