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Author Martin Loxton
Date of release Final - 10/12/2001
.bsp filename sc_loxton


Destroy all the boxes at the start for goddies. Give the turrets all you have got as
they will kill you quickly if your not fast. In the library/office is the hidden shotgun.
You need to flick a hidden switch which is located in the book shelves. Try moving
a chair to enter the vent. Crouching also helps. Finally if a box has 'fragile' marked
on it, I am sure it has a good reason to.

Sorry if it is hard in the warehouse. I guess to finish the map, you need to be good at moving
around. And the map is supposed to end when you jump down the lift shaft. If anyone knows how to
do this, please email me!

Additional info

[..Original Idea/Concept..]

Becoming enthusiastic after playing Sven Co-op I decided it was time for
me to make my own. This is one of my first maps and was made when I was 15. This
was finished around 2 years ago but I have only just got around to releasing it.

Additional credits

|                                 ' Loxton '                            |
|                        by Martin "Ferret" Loxton                      |
|                       for Multiplayer concept only                    |

Map Title           : Loxton
Author              : Martin Loxton
Email               : mtloxton@hotmail.com
Description         : Sven Co-op Map for Half-Life
Release Date        : 10/12/2001
Tools Used          : Worldcraft 3.3
                      QBSP, QCSG, VIS, RAD
Build Time          : Whenever I had spare time
Compile Time        : XX
Credits             : Valve Software



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