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Author Dr.Abc
Date of release v1.1 - June 3, 2018
.bsp filename lostone.bsp


A dead city,What secret does this city keep?

  • A dead city
  • A abandoned subway
  • A dangerous storehouse
  • A random maze
  • A boring boss :(

Enjoy your running.

Additional info

This map CAN'T play within 2 players.
or you will never win the boss.
I strongly recommend playing this map with 8~10 players.

Additional credits

BlackOpsRedux - Textures
Poke646 - Textures
AomDc - Textures Models balablabla
AoM - Textures Models balablabla
CSCZ - Textures Models
CSOL - Textures
Greentea - skl file



  • Remove three fast-moving zombies in maze.
  • Decrease the HP of boss
  • Decrease HP of zombies.
  • Increase brightness of this map.
  • Increase the weapon damage.
  • Increase the HP and AP of players.
  • Replace zombie model with AoMDc one, to make them move slower.
  • Add start ammo.
  • Increase player move speed.
  • Add flashlight.
  • A forgotten model had added into .res file.
  • Fix two incorrect textures.
  • Now the fuse box puzzle can work correctly.(Just kidding,it still wont work correctly, it will make this map much harder, i didn't fix it :D).

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