LMS Bath

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Author the-middleman
Date of release v4 - april 29, 2013
.bsp filename lmsbath


Last Man Standing: Last Man Standing (LMS) is a gamemode where all players fight each other like in deathmatch except that you don't respawn and the last one alive wins. Using more than 200 entities I have brought this gamemode to Sven Coop. In this map 30 fighters battle each other in a LMS-game. Up to eight players can participate and the rest of the slots is filled up with npcs.


  • LMS-gameplay: All monsters attack everyone and each other. Players can and must kill each other. However they can cooperate for a while if they choose to do so. Watch out for backstabbers though!
  • Up to eight players can play the game at the same time. Additional players can spectate. All killed players can spectate while the round is still going. The spectatormode is a little odd but I think it is still pretty decent for a game that has no hardcoded spectatormode.
  • Ultra high difficulty: You spawn without weapons and weapons and other items are very scarce. Enemies do a lot more damage than in vanilla-HL. Most enemies will kill you with one attack.
  • Completely random rounds: All players, NPCs, weapons and items are spawned completely random in the map. No boring itemspawn-camping.
  • Awesome reward: If you manage to survive this brutal game and be the Last Man Standing then there will be an awesome reward for you!
  • Old bathhouse scenario: This game takes place in an old bathhouse that has plenty of hiding spots and tactical possibilities. It is also quite good-looking I believe.

Additional info

This map does NOT work with XP-Mod! Please deactivate it for this map!

Prefab: I am working on a prefab of this gamemode so that you can also make LMS maps easily. It will be released "soon".

Additional credits

Thanks for helping me with this map and playtesting it to
Maury 147
And everyone I forgot!



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