Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda

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Author Iceshaft
Date of release v1.4 - December 19, 2004
.bsp filename loz


It was a cold, dry day. You stand looking at the sky above you, as it dark clouds hovered overhead. However, you feel dizzy, and soon fall over. On your back staring up, a face soon appears in front of you. You were startled at first, but soon recognized her. It was Zelda, the princess of hyrule. She asks you to quickly get to her castle.

When you finally get back to Hyrule after marching around, you noticed something was wrong in the village. Everyone was missing. You entered the first two buildings you saw, hoping someone might still be here to explain. When you exit the house you see these brown looking creatures surrounding the house. Then you remember…Zelda!

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Protect Link and Zelda from getting killed. If either dies, the map will end immediately.

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