Land of Legends

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Author Hezus, Sph!nx, Katana
Date of release v1 - May 25, 2011
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Land of Legends takes place in the fantasy world of Loria, a Human kingdom besieged by conflict with the Orcs. A group of heroes, which includes you, is being cast down by the All-Seeing-Eye to save humanity once again. Travel alone or with your friends in co-operative mode through the rich and colourful world of Loria and end the Orcs' evil reign.

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Additional credits

Models: Sph!nx & Hezus
Textures: Sph!nx & Hezus
Sounds: Hezus & Scotsman
Special Thanks: Goanna



There are over 1117 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


1.5 / 5

2012 abandoned fun size:medium walkthrough


1.8 / 5

2016 creative difficulty:easy fun size:small suggestion walkthrough


3.5 / 5

2017 black-mesa conversion difficulty:easy escape needs-info size:large walkthrough


4 / 5

2004 boms co-oprequired puzzle walkthrough


4.3 / 5

2002 black-mesa conversion official series walkthrough

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