Letongue Laboratory
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Letongue Laboratory

Author Nymph
Date of release March 7, 2022
.bsp filename ze_letonguesc_lab_v3, ze_letonguesc_lab2_v3


Added v3 version, since v2 was extremely hard, at the point that some players starts boring of many tryings, so I decied to make a lot of changes

One of my hardest map.
You might not like this map if you don't like to die over and over, because of the HUGE AMOUNT OF HP from monsters, you'll need almost 6+ players
The main reason of why it is a nightmare playing it because I made it for an Server with levels which gives you (dodge attack) but I'd like to share it here if you like a true challenge, don't go alone over the map :D

You must escape from the laboratory, but every area has powerfull monsters, work as teammate to reach the end, theres 2 parts of this map.

Make sure to use the portals at the start, must be opened at the middle of the map so you dont walk the entire map again over and over

At the end of the map (part 2) you must open the big door at the end then you will encounter another small door, there you will encounter with a Kingpin, If you kill it map will end.


2022 difficulty:hard needs-fixing size:medium walkthrough

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