Mine Defence

Mine Defence

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Author [Sven Coop]Tenko, Counters78
Date of release May 27, 2017
.bsp filename kr_Mine_Defence_v2


Version : v2

This Map is Defence Maps.
and Hold Cube.

and Easter Egg!!


"PLEASE turn off xpmod for these maps."

This is Korean Maps.

이것은 디펜스맵입니다.
큐브를 보호하십시오.

그리고 숨겨진 요소.

맵진행시 밸런스를 위해 xpmod는 꺼주세요.


1. ReChange Ender Knight HP.
2. ReChange Ender Dragon HP.
3. ReChange Young Knight HP.
4. Spawn Ender Dragon Delay 30 second.
5. Change Start HP,Shield
6. Addition Weapon Spawn Zone.
7. Change v_tnt Models.

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