Kill Shawn Werk

Kill Shawn Werk

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Author LoneSavage
Date of release Final - July 02, 2006
.bsp filename kill_shawn_werk


Shawn Werk, once a senior police officer, now a gang leader, has taken over a building taking
several hostages. He theatens to kill all of the hostages and bomb the building unless he gets
$10 Million dollars by 6:00pm… You and your team are sent in to elminate Shawn Werk and rescue
the hostages. This may be your only chance to kill him since he moves from locations really fast.

Mission Objectives:
1. Rescue all hostages
2. Kill Shawn Werk!
3. (Optional) Look for a bomb and disarm it.

Good Luck team!

Note: The map ends when you kill Shawn Werk, and this map is meant to be played with 5 or more people.

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