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Author CryoKeen
Date of release Beta - 19 April, 2010
.bsp filename keenzonea9 cryocube_v4


Releasing 2 smallish maps that have I've been playing on peoples servers. You will want to redownload this if you've already got keenzonea9, as I've ripented in a squadmaker that spawns a headcrab that when you kill, will toggle on the ambient sounds in the map.

Both of these maps are puzzle/fun/no major monsters to kill maps. Keenzonea9 I made as a random fun type of map, I have not finished it yet but figured I should release what I had done so far. Cryocube is a map that has identical rooms where you have no monsters to fight but instead try to figure out a way out either by yourself or with your buddys without getting killed!

Only major issues I can think of off the top of my head are keenzonea9 doesn't have a proper game_end, so I stuck a 30 minute time limit in the cfg. Cryocube has a room or 2 where you fall down but you don't die. You will need to respawn yourself to get out of the pit, sorry about that. Also there is a room where a giant killer fan will spin the wrong direction.

As far as ambient music goes, click on this small image to see where the headcrab spawns in keenzonea9 that if you kill it twice the first time, will start the ambient generics in the map. This is ripented in, so I advise anyone who already has the map to redownload it so you have this feature. After the first time you kill it twice and it respawns, then every other kill will toggle the music properly on/off. Don't abuse it if your running XP or annoy people by toggleing it on and off in public servers. For cryocube, press your use key on the FIRST light in the ceiling in the spawn room, that will toggle on/off the ambient sound.

Otherwise please have fun and tell me about any bugs and how I can improve both maps!

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