Keen City Space

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Author Keen
Date of release Final - April 8, 2016
.bsp filename keencityspace_alpha


This is Keen City Space Alpha. I know Alpha suggests that it is in a alpha-stage but really its a safe word for me to use because "beta" would be an actual final product. I've produced many versions of this map over the years and each time I added more and more stuff until the engine barfed crashes at me. So to fullfill a promise to my friend Reniah, or i said like "ILL RELEASE IT" here is Keen City Space. As the title suggests its a map made by myself, Keen, and if this account is not terminated I promise to keepgsdes

When I get the energy I will put it on Diamond Keen's or AnitaLink or if Anita or Eisen are reading this and they could do that, that would be groovy.
Due to the map being MASSIVE AS FUCK the res file bug may cause it to not be a suitable candidate for fastdownload. Most of the file size is due to the custom content and mp3's included to make sure you can explore the map for an hour at least without being completely bored. There is a "mute" button hidden behind some box's in spawn to mute the music. Please report any bugs or issues in this thread or add me on Steam and leave a message on my profile:

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