The Game II (-K- Edition)





The Game II (-K- Edition)

Author Foster Hoskins, ported by AdamR
Date of release Revised - 2002
.bsp filename K_TheGame2_r


THE GAME II (-K- Edition) Revised
MAY 27TH, 2008

They thought they could handle it this time.
They thought they were prepared for another
resonance cascade scenario. They restored the
Rocky Mountain Research Facility. They were
reckless. They were wrong.

Over four hundred lives were lost in
the incidences at Black Mesa, Little
Rock, and Rocky Mountains about ten
years ago.

They used a living embryo found inside the
body of a specimen of the 'houndeye' to reopen
the gateway to Xen. They believed that they
could control another cascade. They had
planned that if it happened again that they
would simply destroy the embryo and close the

It happened so fast. The resonance cascade came
without warning or indication. They didn't have
the chance to enter the code to destroy the
embryo. The gateway remains open and Xen monsters
continue to pour into our earth-space.

Why didn't they realize the true powers of
the resonance cascade? Why did they have
to tempt fate once again?

You are one of the many scientists who had been
working this operation.

You and your fellow scientists must destroy the
houndeye embryo to close the gateway and stop
the aliens from coming and dominating the earth!

Unfortunately, the U.S. military has joined the
party. You must use your mind to evade them
and the aliens that have entered earth-space
through the gate.

The fate of the world lies on your shoulders.

Welcome back to The Game.


Note to Players
1. You need more than one player to really
get anywhere in this map.
2. You may find it useful to have "impulse 100"
binded to a key.
3. Take your time because K_TheGame2 will
remove any time limits a server may have.
4. The smartest of the players currently playing
should play as an 'organizer'. Playing with
ten people can get messy, so one person needs
to bring order (preferably the one with the most
experience in TheGame maps).


Map created by Foster Hoskins for his one
and only true love, Kristine!

Additional info

Originally a custom map for Team Fortress Classic.

  • 3 players are required for certain co-op aspects.
  • Do not force realistic fall damage on because many legitimate paths through this map require it to be off, as per TFC not having this feature at all.
  • Survival mode is seriously hard on this map.

Additional credits

Ported to Sven Co-op by Adam "Adambean" Reece.
Thanks to H2Whoa and R4to0 for testing the port.


Known issues

  • The slime below the conveyor belts, and the slime that raises periodically during the boss battle, will be invisible when it's fully raised. It's still there though, and will definitely kill you.


2002 co-oprequired conversion difficulty:hard jumping size:large skills survival tfc walkthrough

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