Jungle Mission: Mystery behind the trees

Jungle Mission: Mystery behind the trees

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Author Admer456
Date of release Not yet released
.bsp filename junglemission_opseq; junglemission_1; junglemission_2; junglemission_3
.wad files oldjungle.wad; grnmesa.wad
.wad files required at the moment oldjungle.wad; afrikakorps.wad; halflife.wad


Hello, Sven Co-op-ers!

This map is located in a jungle, as you can see.


The map is currently compatible with Sven Co-op 4.8, and probably the older releases AFTER 4.0, but it will also get a port to Sven Co-op 5.0


A group of people go out to the "cousin" company of Black Mesa, that is, Green Mesa to alert them about the Resonance Cascade. Yes, people at Green Mesa do research about things that don't spoil the environment etc., along with secret experiments, which will be revealed in the final release of the map.

The players start out in a pickup truck, when suddenly a pair of agents on a motorcycle attack them from behind, and they start shooting them, and after that, the engine explodes, and the players crash into a tree: BANG-BANG! BOOM! BOOM! WHOOSH! HOOOOOO! CRASH! STUMP! GKSDNFSE! Whatever…

And then after getting out of the truck, the fuel tank explodes (because of the engine which is on flames), and the players are left with a gas canister, which is, you guessed it, explosive.

And on the end (junglemission_3), players, after stealing the documents in junglemission_2, escape from the Green Mesa Research Facility, also overrunning the nearby military camp whose goal is to "cover it up", that is, to prevent anyone from knowing about the Resonance Cascade, smashing everything on the way.

Additional info

This map is currently being developed for the Jungle Wars mapping contest (the contest is over, I didn't even finish the map on time)
I also accept any plan alpha/pre-alpha/alpha/beta testers, as long as they won't share the link with other people (which is not good, as it reveals how bad the map is at it's development phase, but actually it's good, only at the end).

Additional credits

My brother, Ajdin789 , as the version 0.001 tester (a.k.a Plan Alpha 1)



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