Author Trempler
Date of release Final - 2003
.bsp filename a_jungle_1, a_jungle_2, a_jungle_3, a_jungle_4, a_jungle_5, a_jungle_6, a_jungle_7,


You are in a precarious situation. You were shot down and just managed to somehow land inside the jungle without dying. But unfortunately you are now right next to the Headquarters of the GiC.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Destroy the gates blocking your way and move deeper inside the jungle to hide from the enemy
  2. Shoot down all air units. This is not a must do but will help you survive your mission.

Additional info

The author remade only the first map, changing some details in it, creating non-matching architectural problems with the following maps 2 and 3, which were never remade. A community fix attempted to solve this issue alongside adding a missing map 4, and also recovering the demo version of the mappack, and the original version of the remade map, which were all missing.

Additional credits

  • One Eyed Newt (models)
  • Irregular Hunter (models)
  • Nih (recovering the missing maps!)
  • Garompa (ripent fix)


Garompa's edit & fix:


2003 community-edit difficulty:medium rcbot series size:medium walkthrough

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