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Author Nih
Date of release v2 - December 25, 2011 (SC 4.6)
v1 - September 2, 2010 (SC 4.5)
.bsp filename jumpers


At the beginning of the map, one player is selected to be the Main Jumper. He is marked by a purple glow.
The Main Jumper must jump from pad to pad, landing on the pads with red markers.
Each pad touched gives the players 1 point, and the goal of the map is to get as many points as possible without the Main Jumper dying.

The other Jumpers must ensure that the Main Jumper stays alive. This is done by killing or distracting hostiles, and by grappling to the Main Jumper and healing him. There are no medkits or healthstations outside the spawn, so player healing is essential to his survival.

Additional info

  • The Main Jumper receives 30 armor each time a pad is touched.
  • By jumping on both of the blue blocks within 60 seconds, the Main Jumper is able to activate a bonus. It can be activated multiple times.
  • When using a jump pad, follow the red arrow to ensure an optimal jump.
  • Batteries only respawn when a pad has been touched.
  • Boss monsters spawn every 4 points.
  • You can grapple on to spore plants.
  • Lag may occur if multiple boss monsters are left unkilled.

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