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Author Nih
Date of release Version 0.2 - September 9, 2016
.bsp filename judgementb2


The disturbing and despicable behavior of the citizens of this once glorious city has angered Jahm, the almighty God of the material and the immaterial world.
He has sent his angels to right the wrongs committed here and he will soon rain fire upon this rotten city, destroying all.
In the face of this inevitable destruction, a few foolhardy individuals have elected to take up arms against Jahm and his angels.

If, by some divine stroke of luck, you manage to defeat the archangels of Jahm, the city of Boddom will live on forever.

- Archangels and angels will arrive in three waves. Kill the archangels to succeed.
- You have 10 minutes to defeat each wave, before Jahm can turn the city into a burning pile of rubble.
- If you die you will become a spectator.
- All spectators are revived when a wave is defeated.
- You can sacrifice the Rat of Returning at the altar to revive a single player.

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