Iron IO ShockSiege

Iron IO ShockSiege

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Author RNG, Streamfox
Date of release May 31, 2010
.bsp filename ioshockiron


2068, Iron mine/Geolabratory Fusion plant, The Moon IO

Group of well known spacebandits have taken over profitable Iron mine lab facility, you are intergalactic Shock Assault team to conquer back the plant and neutralize any hostile activity. The alarm has been given by the mysterious pipesystem engineers known of being very technoholic and tremulous. but as of opposite they have promised a reward when you succesfully secure the iron mine/lab.

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Part. 2 is to be replanned and released separately

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There are over 1003 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2003 2004 needs-dl non-linear


2004 fun


2016 crazy difficulty:medium fun needs-mirrors non-linear random size:large weird

hl 2010-06-16 12-37-37-25.jpg

2010 co-oprequired difficulty:medium needs-dl size:medium


2012 fun needs-info

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