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Author RNG
Date of release V1: January 29th, 2017
.bsp filename io_v1


Somewhere in 22th century an important laboratory in the moon Io has gone all messed up and stupid, and its your job once again to "fix" things no matter the international or intergalactic impact it has.

Additional info

Complete remake, or reimagining of iron-io-shocksiege

- Recommended only for 1-4 players

- Can be played alone

- Important for Server operators: Disable XP mod, buymenu or any gameplay altering plugin for this map,
otherwise stuff will most certainly break horribly.

Some known issues in Version 1

- map might be too easy when it comes to combat, named this version 1 for many reasons as gathering ideas of how to make it properly harder and progressive

- Performance and optimization issues.
If your Sven slows down as it is, then your gonna have even heavier crap pouring down
on performance with this most likely.

- Other guns than Fiveseven might fail to trigger one-shot breakables and shootable buttons,
atleast with the first try.
This is probably some weird issue in the scripts i have no idea of.

- Sound replacements for some monsters are not working, this is a game issue but i keep the sounds in anyway

- Ending is sort of crappy, too tired to keep revamping it for figuring out something new for now

- Zombies are mute for now

Additional credits

Streamfox - Additional Mapping, testing and ideas

KernCore - Original CS weapon scripts

Testing - Streamfox, MirroR, sprt, Trempler, Geckon, Zodemon, Reniah

Detailed credits are in the MOTD



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