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Author Mr_InSaNe
Date of release Final - June 1, 2006
v3 - March 6, 2004
v2 - October 11, 2003
v1 - June 3, 2003
.bsp filename insertion, insertion2, insertion3, insertion4, insertion5


Travel to an uncharted tropical island to discover the source of mad genetic experiments with alien DNA. This series is highly difficult with strategic placement of tough enemies, tough situations, dangerous terrain, nasty traps, hard to find routes, tricky jumps,and nasty critters. Be ready for a long walkthrough adventure packed with scenery, ambiance, a few new textures,and lots of model replacements. There are four parts (note: the numbering is off because the insertion1 was removed/combined with the other parts):

Insertion2: Fight your way through an island landscape heavily guarded by enemy troops, jungle creatures, and mad renegade aliens. (Note: Insertion1 was combined with the other maps).

Insertion3: Fight your way through the deep island jungle. Players continue to snake their way behind the enemy front-lines and encounter a few surprises along the way.

Insertion4: The Tombs: Your team must travel an unorthodox route through an ancient island temple as they sneak behind enemy lines.

Insertion5: Dumping toxic waste in and around ancient tombs is bad mojo. You are just the team to take out this waste facility and its personnel.

Hints: Be ready to blast, climb, jump, dive, and blaze your way through the jungle. If you cant find a hole to go through…make one, find something, not obviously climbable, find a button or walk a wire.Watch for landmines in sandy warzones, jungle-pits, and trappy-tombs (get down on your knees in those nasty, pagan-snake-temples). What's around every corner? Your everyday, basic, 3d-virtual-death. So keep your eyes peeled. Skeletons lying on dried blood pools, and dead soldiers, are usually cause for caution. Some places are just too dangerous to be worth going into for tempting ammo. Keep your flashlight handy and head for the light.

Additional info

  • Co-operative teamplay is a must. Playing alone, though possible, is not recommended.
  • While the map series is considered finalized, there are still possible plans for an insertion6.

Additional credits

CrowbarSniper - ("rkyisle" skybox)



2003 difficulty:hard size:large traps walkthrough

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