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Author Dudda
Date of release Final - September 15, 2002 (SC 2.0F)
Gold - April 1, 2002
Beta 2 - January 20, 2002
.bsp filename infiltrate


We have a critical situation here men, 6 days ago a top SAS operative working on behalf of the British Secret Service was shot dead by a team of masked assassins in the Aztec Jungles of South America. After much research all clues as to the killer lead to convicted Terrorist David Simpson, leader of the Gooseman terrorist regime, a man we have been after for years.

That is why the British secret service, M16, have called upon you, some of the leading agents of the Sven Co-op initiative to go and investigate. David's Secret hideout has been located just outside of the ex-Black Mesa Facility in New Mexico and you and your team have been sent in with one mission, to assassinate David Simpson.

This will not be an easy mission as David is known to be very well protected by an army of trained bodyguards, and, it is rumoured, mechanoid infantry, these will not be easy to take down. Overall however, we are confident you will have a successful mission.

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Additional credits

DAN200 - (helping with some textures and other bits & bobs)
(GIT)r-man - (testing)
Mad Johnesy - (testing)
MrMagic - (server hosting)
POKE 646 - (textures)
Sven Viking - (being the great guy he is and making this wonderful mod)



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