Horsecock 7

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Author Keen
Date of release Final - March 26, 2008
v1 - ?
.bsp filename horsecock7


This map is a test to see if it would work and oh yes it worked. Shoot or hit the long red rectangle right under the hole of the shaft to activate the pushing mechanism. You must wait 5 seconds then you should hear a hissing noise, at that time jump and you will fly, hopefully. It takes a little practice and you may not go through the first time. You may get stuck in side the head as you are going up, wiggle around and you should be able to get out. Aim for the teleporters to be taken back to the right testicle, or try landing in a toilet.

If you do a bit of exploring you can find some extra monsters to kill as well as the egon if you crouch at the right time on the trigger_push up to the right after you exit the spawn.

This map contains no direct pornographic imagery. It is a joke map and not meant to be taken seriously.

Additional info

  • Keen is considering doing a remake of Horsecock 7, with improved optimization and additional features.
  • Map may run slow on older machines due to poor optimization.
  • Server administrators should be aware that the map has a default 420 minute time limit.

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