Hold The Line

Hold The Line

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Author Halgmor
Date of release v1 - October 22, 2012
.bsp filename Hlg_HoldTheLine


Map made my Halgmor.

Hold the line against hordes of enemy zombies. Hold The Line map: you, 8 grunts, 1 medic, and friends against vast hordes of zombies, nice? Wait, don't forget the mortar emplacements, mounted turret guns, and of course the weapons.

Dawn of the Dead my ass.

You and the AI grunts can operate three turrets to defend your position.
The side turrets have a higher rate of fire but a lower damage than the middle turret, but the middle turret is far riskier due to the damaged sandbags directly in front and to the left.
You also have three mortars can be used to bombard the area in front of the defences; won't fall on you, hopefully.
You are defending behind three lines of sandbag defences.
You are loaded on weapons ranging from .357 to submachine guns and shotguns.
There's a sniper rifle with ammo in the midst of the enemy horde.

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