Author Richard Martin (halbalbador)
Original mod release July 17, 2007
Date of release March 21, 2019
.bsp filename instinct_1 (+9 maps)


Welcome to the Michael Bay simulator mod (at least the first few maps)
This is a ripent conversion of the mod "Instinct" by Richard Martin (halbalbador):
The maps have been adapted for co-op play, hopefully bringing a rich experience for everyone.


"My employers are not trusting you… and rather than offer you a job we've decided to offer you a battle you have no chance of winning…"

Take the job. All that you had to do was just take the job. But, no. There was no job. And you also decided that your pride was more sacred than your safety. Who cares about safety when you can respawn? And thanks to a failed rescue attempt by the Vortigaunts you are back right where you started… four kilometers underground in the darkest corner of the Black Mesa Research Facility.

When you regain your consciousness, sirens and screams are all you hear as you wake up to the reality of utter chaos and destruction. Corpses lie mangled in pools of their own blood.

Hallways and staircases are sealed – collapsed by airstrikes. To top it all off, most of the inhabitants of Xen have used their natural instinct to migrate here since their destruction is imminent, and rifts in space time continue to throw Xen creatures into the bowels of Black Mesa, and now the Race X is beginning to show more presence than ever before as well.

Now you are trapped in an alien-infested hole in the ground with only one objective - reach the surface alive. Unfortunately, that may not be as easy as it sounds, because the Black Ops has decided that rather than kill every witness individually, they are going to simply seal off all of the exits… and then set off a thermal nuclear weapon, wiping aliens, civilians and stranded military alike.

Now it's a race against the clock as you fight your way through infested alien nesting grounds and military blockades while constantly trying to reach the surface and get out of here alive. Hopefully you can make it to the surface soon, because in about 12 hours, the entire facility will be reduced to radioactive dust.

"No regrets."

Additional info

The conversion is not 100% accurate. Meaning that some things have been changed or added to make the maps less dull and more interesting. These are mentioned here:

  • Changed the starting GMan dialogues accordingly (the players are obviously not addressed to as Freeman)
  • Added friendly Vortigaunts that try to rescue the players (explaining why the teleport malfunction happens at the start)
  • Changed the screen texts to explain better the 2 points above (and again prevent the Freeman issue)
  • Changed weapons found across the maps for a more progressive armament experience
  • Added more enemies, weapons and/or surprises to empty areas
  • Blocked some paths to force players to explore to unlock those paths (helps a little because maps are short)
  • Added a couple of bosses and a final boss fight
  • Added a proper ending (not just a fade to black)
  • Balanced difficulty by making traps deadlier
  • Added Race X invading and Opposing Force weaponry (the mod is set 12 hours before Black Mesa explodes, so this makes perfect sense)
  • Added some usage of item_inventory and strategic path blocking to force exploring and find the way

Known bugs:

  • The maps sometimes have some out of bounds issues (specially instinct_9.bsp) where hook mod, low gravity or anything that can make you fly can help players go where they are not supposed to (gauss jump has been disabled as well as longjump on several of the maps to prevent this)

Additional credits

  • Garompa (conversion)
  • Sparks (bunnyhop fix)
  • Cadaver (bug fixing, extra help, further ripenting, added changelevel sprites)
  • Outerbeast (testing, support and request)
  • AlexCorruptor (testing, bug reporting)
  • w00tguy123 (for his great tool "resguy")



2019 black-mesa boss conversion size:large survival walkthrough xen

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