HL Comando

HL Comando

Author Lolako
Date of release Final - 2003
.bsp filename co1a, co1b, co1c, co1d, co1e, co1f, co1g, co1h, co1i, co1j, co1k, end


HL-Comando Final version:
New features from the beta version:
- Bugs have been fixed in the maps.
- You will not be able to return to an earlier map.
- Some more enemies have been added.
- It will be more difficult.
- Some map zones have been restructured.
- There's a new end.
The number of maps included in this pack are 12,
there's one more since the beta had only 11 maps.
It's recommended to be played with 2 or 3 players.
The estimated time needed to end this maps
is about 1-2 hours depending on how good u are.

Additional info

Map Title: HL-Comando (final )
BSP Name: (12 maps)
co1a (13/08/03)
co1b (22/07/03)
co1c (13/08/03)
co1d (13/08/03)
co1e (22/07/03)
co1f (13/08/03)
co1g (14/08/03)
co1h (24/07/03)
co1i (30/07/03)
co1j (28/07/03)
co1k (27/07/03)
end (22/07/03)
Archive Name: hlc-sc.7z
Additional Textures: none

Additional credits

  • Garompa (small fix)


  • Small fix to "co1a.bsp": The broken bridge is triggered and a scientist leg gib added at the bullsquid pit (referencing the HL scientist "stand back! gordon!" as intended). And the first glass window is now unbreakable, so players can't just rush and have to actually jump on the boxes to reach the vent, again as intended in the first place.


2003 black-mesa needs-dl rcbot series walkthrough xen

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