HL Comando

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Author Lolako
Date of release Final - 2003
.bsp filename co1a, co1b, co1c, co1d, co1e, co1f, co1g, co1h, co1i, co1j, co1k, end


HL-Comando Final version:
New features from the beta version:
- Bugs have been fixed in the maps.
- You will not be able to return to an earlier map.
- Some more enemies have been added.
- It will be more difficult.
- Some map zones have been restructured.
- There's a new end.
The number of maps included in this pack are 12,
there's one more since the beta had only 11 maps.
It's recommended to be played with 2 or 3 players.
The estimated time needed to end this maps
is about 1-2 hours depending on how good u are.

Additional info

Map Title: HL-Comando (final )
BSP Name: (12 maps)
co1a (13/08/03)
co1b (22/07/03)
co1c (13/08/03)
co1d (13/08/03)
co1e (22/07/03)
co1f (13/08/03)
co1g (14/08/03)
co1h (24/07/03)
co1i (30/07/03)
co1j (28/07/03)
co1k (27/07/03)
end (22/07/03)
Archive Name: hlc-sc.7z
Additional Textures: none

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