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Author CryoKeen
Date of release March 26, 2010
.bsp filename hivepush


The goal is to get to the other-side without dieing or without another player pushing you off your boat :D

On land primary fire pulls the boats toward you and secondary pushes them away. On the boats it should be the same, primary fire is backward and secondary is forward. In order to properly navigate on the boats, you have to be moving your player in the direction you want to go AND using the hivehand at the same time.

Different boats have slightly different buoyancy and friction, so try different ones to see which ones respond best for you.

The boats, or func_pushables, are not exactly designed for this type of gameplay and the more lag you have the harder it will be to control your boat and counter the movements of it. There is no game_end trigger so the map doesn't have a "end time", I advise playing the map with an admin so they can change the map when you get bored!

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