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Author Turrican
Date of release Final - March 15, 2002
.bsp filename haywire


This map was made sometime in 2002. It was the first Sven Co-op map Turrican made. However, he managed to show everyone he wasn't some newbie mapper who said 'OH LOOK IM A FORUM REGULAR ABOUT TO MAP' and made a shit map. At the time, SC maps were of quite a low quality, being just a square room with some enemies in, so this got into one of the Sven Co-op map packs.

You might notice that the robogrunts near the end of the map all bleed. Back then, robogrunts didn't exist, we only had the model; they were simply model replaced hgrunts. But it was different and exciting at the time! A bit…

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Additional credits

Custom Sky, 'Progress', provided by Mighty Pete and the excellent Wadfather website, http://www.planethalflife.com/wadfather



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