Half-Quake Amen Coop

Half-Quake Amen Coop

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Author Muddasheep (original), Royal-soldier (conversion)
Date of release May 11, 2009
.bsp filename Halfquake_coop, hq2_1, hq2_2, hq2_3, hq2_4, hq2_5, hq2_6, hq2_7, hq2_8, hq2_9v2, hq2_10, hq2_11, hq2_12, hq2_13, hq2_14, hq2_15, hq2_16, hq2_17, hq2_18, hq2_19, hq2_20, hq2_21, hq2_22, hq2_23, hq2_24, hq2_25, hq2_26


Half Quake is a Half Life Mod in which you must go to solve puzzles to advance to the maps, you're the victim of a macabre and sadistic game that will have an unexpected outcome. Mapper and weapons are completely in black and white (at least in the mod).

Check the maps out !

For King and Country :D!

Credits : Muddasheep

Website http://farm.muddasheep.com/cgi-bin/farm_projects.cgi?show_project=7
Moddb Profile http://www.moddb.com/mods/halfquake-amen
Website http://www.clan-gameover.com.ar/



There are over 1124 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


0 / 5

2000 needs-dl walkthrough


0 / 5

2004 entmap needs-info


1.9 / 5

2010 2011 boms difficulty:medium fun music secrets size:large traps walkthrough


1 / 5

2010 horde needs-info zombies


0 / 5

2007 co-oprequired needs-info walkthrough

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