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Author Mad Jonesy
Date of release Final - October 30, 2000
v1 - ?
.bsp filename hl_sp_portal


Used to begin Valve's single-player Half-Life maps. Players can choose from and instantly go to any of the Half-Life single-player chapters (Anomalous Materials, Office Complex, We've Got Hostiles!, Blast Pit, On a Rail, Residue Processing, Questionable Ethics, Surface Tension, Lambda Core, Xen, Gonarch's Lair, and Interloper). Just walk through the corresponding door and you'll be on your way to some co-operative action in the original Half-Life single-player campaign!

Additional info

IMPORTANT: Full co-op support for Valve's HLSP maps MUST be installed on the server (the machine on which the game was started, even if you're playing off-line)… otherwise there'll be bugs everywhere, and many points past which you will not be able to continue.

For instructions on installing full HLSP co-op support, check this page:

HLSP support cannot be installed for CS Retail or DoD Retail.

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There are over 1034 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2009 needs-info needs-pics size:small walkthrough


2001 needs-dl walkthrough


2013 horde war


2002 difficulty:medium needs-info size:large walkthrough


2005 difficulty:medium size:large walkthrough

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