Half-Life Lobby

Half-Life Lobby

Author AlexCorruptor
Date of release July 27, 2019
.bsp filename hl_lobby


A simple mapvote lobby for the original Half-Life campaigns. Ideal for listen servers or private games.

Select one of five original Half-Life campaigns to vote:

  • Half-Life
  • Opposing Force
  • Blue Shift
  • Decay (requires to be installed)
  • Uplink

Stand in the areas in front of the posters to vote for the campaign. Voting times are 15 seconds.

Note: If you want to customize your slots by adding more or choosing different campaigns, use Dynamic Mapvote.

Additional info

This map is based on the original choose_campaign lobby maps by CubeMath which have now been replaced with the new Dynamic Mapvote lobby.
This Half-Life lobby has been created for ease-of-use: it requires no setup and enables players to quickly invite their friends to their private games.
Server owners may use this too, but strongly recommend using Dynamic Mapvote and customizing their slots as they need.

Additional credits

CubeMath - Map voting logic



2019 fun lobby music size:small votemap

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