Gut Reaction

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Author Tim Johnston (original), Mad Jonesy (conversion)
Date of release Final - November 16, 1999
.bsp filename gut_reaction, gr_generate, gr_lab, gr_tunnel3, gr_corentry, gr_coremain, gr_drainage, gr_reactors, gr_finale


The co-operative version of Tim Johnston's critically acclaimed Gut Reaction single-player mission.

Mr. Freeman has once again been "recruited" by the elusive and stone-faced g-man to handle a "situation' that could prove catastrophic if not handled immediately. It seems that a rift in the space-time continuum has allowed the minions of Xen to establish a stronghold inside one of the main reactor cores in the Lambda Complex. Somehow they have figured out a way to tap directly into the complex's nuclear power grid. They are using this energy to continually widen the rift to allow more and more of the Xen inhabitants into our world. That's bad. Oh, did I mention that the military has been instructed to keep a lid on this situation by eliminating ANYONE with knowledge of it? That's worse. Its Gordon's job to establish power to the test lab, then find his way to the reactor complex via the waste tunnels connecting the two. Once inside, he's got to find his way to the interior cores of the reactors and shut them down.

You'll need to keep your wits about you…
You'll need to trust your instincts…
You'll have to rely on your GUT REACTION!

Good luck Gordon.

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