Gruntwar 2

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Author Ike Brovlofski
Date of release Beta - 2003
.bsp filename gruntwar2


Follow the luitenant's instructions. To plant the timebomb, just walk up to the spot you need to place it.

Additional info

  • 2 players recommended.

Additional credits

Special Thanks (the following people were set in random order)

Special thanks to:

- Nemesis6 - moc.pvatenalp|regguhecaf#moc.pvatenalp|regguhecaf - For being my official beta tester and giving me lots of ideas
- NAGASH - moc.liamtoh|7331hsagan#moc.liamtoh|7331hsagan - For making the excellent Cygarg model
- M - For making the great Robo Zombie model
- Brain - For making the evil grunt base logo
- Chalupamonk - For making this awesome sky
- Edcrab - For making the kewl snow camo turrets
- Rigel - For making the Luitenants voice
- R2D2 - For making the security keycard : full source reference : full source reference



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