Gold Crowbar

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Author cold_blood3d
Date of release Final - August 9, 2006
v1 - 2005
.bsp filename goldcrowbar


Gold Crowbar is an arena map in which you use a high-powered crowbar to kill aliens in 10 rounds of increasing difficulty. The final round is a baby Gargantua boss fight. Players spawn in a building above the arena and can either take a teleport to join the fight, or look through the windows and watch the action unfold. Each round lasts 2 minutes, resulting in a total map play time of approximately 20 minutes.

Additional info

  • The map was designed specifically for SnarkCafe's Golden Crowbar competition, which awarded prizes to the highest scoring players.
  • 5-10 players recommended. Player amounts outside of this range will severely affect balancing.

Additional credits

SnarkCafe - (textures)
Ta16 - (original idea, requested map)


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